Sweet Citrus Bulb Garden

Price: BDT-59.99
Product Code: OP2010
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March 08, 2016

With the delightful springtime comes bright, sunny days and even brighter blossoms. Make someone’s day extra cheerful with a beautiful bulb garden of spring classics—tulips and daffodils. The vibrant oranges and yellows will bring some of the light, pleasant days of spring into their home.

  • 8 Kees Nelis tulip bulbs
  • 2 Tahiti narcissus bulbs (multiple blooms)
  • Arrives with bulbs sprouting just above the moss top dressing
  • When bloomed gift stands 16 to 18" tall
  • Will bloom in 2 to 4 weeks on arrival
  • Individual varieties may grow and bloom at different rates
  • Includes our exclusively designed, reusable Citrus Drink Tub
  • Care instruction included

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